The Step -by- Step Process:

1. Your Exit Objectives:
Setting Goals – This is probably the most important and critical phase to having a successful exit from your business. Unrealistic goals increase the likelihood of successfully attaining them. Goals also need to be specific. For example, leaving your company on the date your choose, selling your business to who you want to and leaving your company on terms that allow you to live a comfortable life whether you are fully retired or are in pursue of other personal or business interests.

2. Your Business and Personal Financial Resources:
Do you know what your business worth and what you will need from your business to meet your financial goals? A business valuation will let you know how much your company is worth or how much your company must grow to meet the financial goals necessary to leave your business. This along with your personal assets and the help of a good personal financial planner should

3. Building and Preserving Business Value

4. Selling Your Business to a Third Party

5. Transferring Ownership to Insiders

6. Business Continuity

7. Personal Wealth and Estate Planning